Saturday, 5 April 2014

Take Me To the River

Do you see what I see? SPOILERS!

The dust is settling. The Data Miners have stripped out the Alpha Client, and us as players have a metric crapton of new information to digest, often with absolutely no context to accompany it. There are those of us who, like WoW Insider's Anne Stickney, can see a particular item and immediately know it is important:

Yeah, Anne, that's a Spoiler.

As it transpires, I didn't know the significance of this item. More importantly for those wanting to avoid the S-Word, someone had 'spoilt' me on Twitter in under a minute. As it happens, it is cool because this is part of the Velen questline we opened our account and this website with. Needless to say, with the floodgates open there's potential for Spoilers to just leap out at you at a moment's notice. That's why Dawson is here too, because this little nugget pops up in the Scenarios section, unmarked:


STONARD? There's a Scenario in STONARD?

This is significant...?

Anyone who knows their geography will know that the Swamp of Sorrows is how the Alliance (before Marshtide Watch, the Goblins and the Draenei came along in Cataclysm) got to Nethergarde Keep IN THE BLASTED LANDS. Stonard was, for a long time, the only flightpath too, for the Horde. The rest of us had to run through Deadwind Pass. Did you notice I mentioned THE BLASTED LANDS there? Yeah, you know, the place with the Dark Portal in it.

I reckon Dawson't Creek won't be its final name come the pre-Expansion launch Event, but I will quietly put a pile of coins that Stonard's going to play a part in how Garrosh gets there. On that front, there's other Scenarios that are Azeroth based:

The Krawl, eh?

Now, this could be any number of things. Maybe there is a Class Quest being developed as was the case with the Warlock one that used the Black Temple. Maybe the Quillboar have a link with Draenor themselves and we'll be going back to grab some item of significance (Agamaggan did have a significant part to play with the Burning Legion, after all and the liberation of Azeroth.) I'd like to think however that this too might have a significance in the pre-Expansion event: this is one of the few places on Kalimdor with a Scourge presence, after all. However, as my good Twitter friend @unlimitedBlack pointed out, there's also data for a Blackfathom Deeps Scenario in the data files, with a descriptive title that suggests it is very similar in tone to the existing 5-man. Could it be possible therefore that Blizzard is considering developing 3 Man Scenarios for some of the more problematic low level 5 mans, or even to do L100 versions of these for Draenor?

Needless to say, I am sure there are plenty of other Spoilers out there to be found. When I do, you'll hear them here first :D

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